The economics of biking to work

A little off-topic for my photo blog, but this is one of my other passions — cycling. Last year, I started a new job in downtown Madison, which cut my commute from 44 miles down to 9 miles (each way). This was the perfect opportunity for me to start riding my bike to work on a regular basis. This year,… Read more →

Making the tough decision

One of my wedding clients just canceled their wedding that is only 3 weeks away.  At first, this seems pretty bad — think of all the guests, reservations, bookings, and money that has been spent planning this wedding — worse yet, what will people think of them! It turns out that during the planning of this wedding they realized that… Read more →

Fun in the snow

This has been quite the winter for snow!  We’ve broken the record in Madison and it’s not even the end of February yet.  This past weekend we were up at the camp (in da UP, eh) and I was able to escape for a nice peaceful walk along the river where there was ample snow and sunshine. I was really… Read more →

You can't take pictures without a camera

Lately I have been telling myself that I need to take more pictures. I’ve been doing my weddings and taking pictures of the kids, but I haven’t done any personal work in a while. The first thing that I needed to start doing was actually bringing my camera with me when I go out (‘cuz you can’t take pictures without… Read more →

The many faces of Isaac

Isaac really knows how to make me laugh. One of his many sure-fire ways to crack me up is for him to start doing his facial expressions. No matter how many times he does them, they never get old. Here for all to see is just a small sampling of his full set of facial expressions. Hopefully they bring a… Read more →

Baby time

I’m a little late with this post, but just about two weeks ago, Evan Andrew was born. He’s a big fella, weighing in at 9 pounds 12 ounce. For those who are interested in the details and pictures, head on over to his website. (Yes, he has his own website already, that’s what happens when his dad is a photographer/web… Read more →

Vicki's pregnancy

Vicki is now in week 27 of her pregnancy. It’s hard to believe that in just under three months we’ll have another member of our family. (Photo note: the light source for these photos is just a regular light bulb from a lamp — nothing fancy here!) Read more →

April snow

This winter has been rather odd. No snow for Christmas, a huge snow storm in February, great weather for St Patrick’s day, and now snow in April. The snow coincides perfectly with me getting my bike tuned up and ready for summer. I guess I’ll just have to wait a little longer. Read more →

Still lurking about

I have good reason why I haven’t posted yet this year — we’re expecting another baby! Vicki is due on July 9th and we just found out the other day that it will be a boy, so Isaac will have some friendly competition. This will make for an extremely exciting summer! Read more →