Photo project: 2009

Project: White

Ok, so I’ve slacked on my Project 2009 series a little bit. I started out well enough, but then got busy with wedding season (and other excuses). To finish the series off, here’s my submission for the final month of the year. We’ve been hunkered down under a bunch of snow, and honestly, it’s quite nice. We haven’t gone very… Read more →

Project: Spring, part II

Ok, I can’t help it.  The flowers are blooming, the weather is nice and I love taking pictures of bright colorful flowers (they’re so cheery, aren’t they?).  So here is an addendum to my ‘Project: Spring’ series — 6 more images to make your eyes happy.  I promise not to take any flower pictures for next month’s project. Check out… Read more →

Project: Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Not just because it means no more snow for 7 months, but because flowers and buds on trees and the smell in the air all put a big smile on my face. All of the pictures for this month’s project were taken in my backyard while Isaac and Evan threw sand at each… Read more →

Project: Red

Well, it’s that time again — time for my monthly photo project. I really thought I was going to be late with this one and come up with a lame excuse as to why I didn’t really have to do it and then stop the photo project series completely. But, as luck would have it, things just worked in my… Read more →

Project: Ice

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to focus more on personal projects.  I laid out 12 projects, one for each month of 2009.  The first project is themed “Ice” — I figured January was a good time to take pictures of ice. Originally, I was going to experiment with bubbles — I had read a blog post a while… Read more →