Nathan and Sarah, a wedding for the whole family

In most weddings, two people come together and become one.  In this wedding, those two brought along a posse to make one big happy family.  Nathan and Sarah make a great couple, and together with their children they make a great family.  This marriage is a beautiful example of two people finding themselves and each other at the right time. If you watch… Read more →

Jen and Bryan, blown away together

The wind was strong, their love was stronger. Bryan and Jen were married the other day and I was lucky enough to be their photographer. The forecast called for rain and wind and general unpleasantries, but none of that could hold these two back. The venue was Over the Vines near Edgerton, WI, and with a big red barn for… Read more →

Angie and Jacob, rain or shine

It is weddings like this one that reinvigorate me. They remind me why I got married, they remind me why I love photographing weddings, they remind me why family and friends are so important. They remind me that I’m alive. From having all 8 grandparents in attendance to kissing in the rain under an umbrella, this wedding was full of… Read more →

Paula + Jason, a wedding to remember

Paula and Jason just got married at Tagalong Golf Resort up in Birchwood, Wisconsin and I was lucky enough to be their photographer.  The weather was perfect, the dress was perfect, the cake was perfect, and these two are perfect for each other.  I absolutely love to photograph weddings when I see two people who care so much about each… Read more →

Photographer’s Cheat Sheet

I’ve been working on the notes I’ll be using for a beginner’s photo class I’ll be teaching and out of that preparation has come a cheat sheet of high-level concepts that I tend to repeat over and over. I always state that photography can be broken down into two components: Lighting and Composition — if you don’t have those two… Read more →

A Thanksgiving wedding in Madison

When you think of Thanksgiving, you usually think of turkey, food coma, football and shopping (at least, that’s what I typically think of). Emily and Lee, on the other hand, think of throwing one helluva wedding party. For their special day, they chose to have the ceremony at Monona Terrace and the reception at the Concourse Hotel. In between, we… Read more →

Cory + Jessica, a Dells wedding

For those of you with a long memory, you may remember an engagement session I did with Cory and Jessica over a year ago. Sometimes you just have to wait for a good thing, and this wedding was well worth the wait. It’s weddings like this that remind me that Wisconsin Dells is only an hour from Madison and that… Read more →

A red and white UW alumni wedding

Paul and Kristen live in Chicago, but they met on the campus of UW Madison. When they were planning their wedding, they knew it had to be in Madison and it had to come with a heavy dose of Red and White. They got their wish and had everything from a stroll down State Street (Abbey Road style), a seat… Read more →

Lauren and Louie, one hot wedding

Lauren and Louie are a great couple, you don’t have to spend much time with them to figure that out. I have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph their engagement pictures as well as their wedding, and I can’t say enough good things about them. The wedding this past weekend was wonderful, if just a tad hot. Even though we… Read more →

Self portrait, cycling

Ah, the self portrait. Before this year, I hadn’t done a self portrait since college, but for some reason, I’ve done two different self portraits so far this year. I think the biggest reason is that my kids are at an age where they are tired of being photographed and I’m left with either myself or my dog to shoot.… Read more →