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Project: White

Ok, so I’ve slacked on my Project 2009 series a little bit. I started out well enough, but then got busy with wedding season (and other excuses). To finish the series off, here’s my submission for the final month of the year. We’ve been hunkered down under a bunch of snow, and honestly, it’s quite nice. We haven’t gone very… Read more →

Baking up some tasty images

This past Saturday was one of those great lazy days where we had nothing planned. Unfortunately, I can’t sit still. Vicki was noticing me pacing around the house and said “stop pacing around and do something — how about you make pizzas for tonight?” Sure, I can do that, I thought. So I jumped on the computer and went on… Read more →

Random image Friday: Black Friday edition

I’m not a big fan of the hyper-consumerism which is brought out during Black Friday (or the overextended holiday season, for that matter). I prefer to stay home with the family and play board games (and eat leftovers, of course). This year we’ve had a blast playing Carcassonne, Wits and Wagers, and Bootleggers. If you’ve never played these games before,… Read more →