In Boston: day 2

Well, this wraps up my second day at the Ajax Conference in Boston. Another day of brilliant people spouting out brilliant ideas. I only hope that my brain can soak in all of the information that has been sent it’s way.

First, I have to start off with a quote. Douglas Crockford is a walking soundbite and this one is just too funny to let go by:

Failing gracefully is good, shooting your toes off is bad.
Douglas Crockford, summing up comments about browsers (specifically Netscape).

Here’s another quick list of tools and topics that are now on my radar:

  • OpenSTA: load testing your websites
  • Jetty and Comet: Ajax pushes to the browser
  • Fiddler: measuring server traffic
  • Drip: a memory management tool for IE
  • Lint (and JSLint): static analysis of code

And the list keeps going, but I need to stop somewhere. This list doesn’t even cover the concepts that have been covered, simply some tool that I might find useful.

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