My better half

October was one of the busiest months that I’ve had in years. I managed to cover 3 hotels in 3 different states, shoot 2 weddings, do an all-day children’s photo shoot, photograph a newborn baby, and attend a three day conference in Boston. And on top of that I got to see Mat Kearney in concert, which was a much needed night out with my wife.

Speaking of my wife, I couldn’t have possibly done all of this without her help. Not only does she watch our son full time (which is definitely a full time job), but she watches another child 3 days a week. Not only that, but she always manages to have the house in perfect order, food ready for supper, and clean socks and underwear in my dresser.

Earlier this week, we finally got our computer back from the repair shop (that’s another story), and Vicki has already managed to singlehandedly go through all the children’s pictures and an entire wedding. Holy cow, can this woman do any more?

Needless to say, I’m more than appreciative for what my wife contributes. Thank you Vicki, you’re the best wife a man could ask for.

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