Let them interact

Let them beTaking group pictures at a wedding can be draining.  Most of the time, the bridal party just wants to have fun — and who can blame them!  They’re not at the wedding for pictures, they are there to support the bride and groom and to have a good time.  I understand this and do my best to allow the day to roll along as uninterrupted by me as possible.

Here’s a quick set of images from one of my previous weddings that embodies this idea.  Basically, I sat the whole bridal party down, got them chatting about this and that and then I disappeared.  Well, I didn’t really disappear, I just went back to my camera bag, grabbed my 80-200 2.8 lens and started shooting the group “paparazzi style”.  It took them a few minutes to even realize that I was taking pictures of them, all the while they were relaxed and having a good time.

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