Scripting Photoshop

Recently, I wanted to do a batch process on a bunch of images and I wasn’t able to use Photoshop Actions to get what I wanted.  Basically, I wasn’t able to properly position a newly created text layer relative to the lower-left corner of the image.  So, being a geek of sorts, I looked into Javascripting the task.  I’ve known for quite some time that this was an option, but I never gave it any time or effort.

As it turns out, scripting Photoshop is not too difficult and there are a ton of uses for doing so.  My first attempt is a success, I now have a script that will take an image and create a nice border around it, add my name to the lower-left corner, and then export it for web.  Not ground-breaking by any means, but it does exactly what I need it to do and I can reuse it as many times as I need.

Here is the script if anybody is curious — I’m sharing it with the community, no strings attached. Download the script.

–UPDATE– My next post shows off images that were processed with this script.  yay!

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