Living Breast Notecard Collection, 2006

The Living Breast project, which I’ve been working on for nearly two years now, has reached another milestone. The 2006 notecard collection has been printed and is ready for distribution. Read more about the project (and order a set of the cards while you’re at it) at

This project started out as a fundraiser for breast cancer research, but in the process has become so much more than just a fundraiser. I can’t explain in words how much joy and excitement each photo session ends with. Every single participant has left with a renewed sense of healing and empowerment. The paintings that Denise does are not just her creations, they are the visualization of the inner beauty that each woman has within her — these paintings are an outward sign of the power and energy within the participant.

Breast cancer is a horrible disease that attacks that which our society holds as being the defining physical characteristic of a woman. The real power behind this project is that it shows that breasts alone do not define a woman. Rather, it is the beauty within that has the ability to outshine that which our eyes keep us from seeing.

I feel truly blessed and grateful that Denise has given me the opportunity to be a part of this project. I can only hope that this project will reach the eyes of those most in need of hope and encouragement as they go through the process of healing and recovery.

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