In defense of cell phone cameras

This past weekend, I took Isaac downtown Chicago to see the St Patrick’s Day parade. I knew that there was going to be a ton of people, so I packed light — his changing bag with a spare pull-up, some snacks, and water. I decided against bringing my camera simply for convenience sake. Well, as luck would have it, the sun was absolutely perfect at the Bean in Millennium Park and I so badly wanted my camera. So, I did what so many people do: I whipped out my cell phone camera. In the past, I’ve always complained that cell phone cameras were worthless wastes of space in a high-tech gadget — why put a crappy digital camera in a cell phone when all I really want is a cell phone? Anyway, I was able to take some moderately decent photos and I’m glad that I had at least some mechanism for capturing the moment. Now if I could only get those pictures off the phone and onto my computer…

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