Marlee and Alex get hitched

Fun people make for fun pictures, and these pictures are pure fun.  Marlee and Alex got married in Hartford Wisconsin this past weekend and I had the joy of following them around all day.  There were bubbles, swings, ponds, fields, play sets and secret gardens — enough fun for the whole family!  Here’s just a sneak peek at what is turning out to be a great set of images from their wedding.
My second photographer was Jenn Van Wyk, you should check out her work, she does a great job.  You can check out these and more of my images at Flickr.


Rings and flowers

First look


For somebody who says she’s not sassy, she’s got some spunk.
Behind the scenes

Bubbles!  How much fun is that?

I think we’ve found some talent here — Cason really enjoyed taking pictures.
Young talent

Ever tried kissing whilst swinging?  It’s not so easy, but a whole lotta fun!
Swingin' for a kiss

Did I say sassy?  Oh yeah, she’s got it.

Field of dreams

Cason and Sophie out for a swing.  These two were great all day long and an endless source of photo-ops.

A proposal

A walk in the woods

2 thoughts on “Marlee and Alex get hitched”

  1. These turned out awesome! The swing ones are really fun. And I love the series of Cason with the camera… cute! Thanks for letting me tag along, this couple rocked!

  2. Love the photo story strips. Definitely a benefit from having two photographers. I say keep expanding on this idea.


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