The Look

A lot of people ask me why I shoot weddings. My first answer is always “because everybody is so happy!”. It’s true, I love the atmosphere at weddings, but there’s another reason why I love weddings so much — it’s watching the look in the eyes of the bride and groom as they look at each other during the day. This is when you see the love that they have for each other — the love that has brought them to this very special day. Here’s a collection of images from my recent weddings of the look that I’m talking about. You can’t fake this look and it warms my heart every time I look at these images.

2 thoughts on “The Look”

  1. Cute! Love it, it’s so true. The one of Alex and Marlee was a sweet moment when they were reflecting on their day so far and laughing at all the funny moments. Being a photographer it is awesome to share these private minutes with the couple, no other vendor gets to!

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