Baking up some tasty images

This past Saturday was one of those great lazy days where we had nothing planned. Unfortunately, I can’t sit still. Vicki was noticing me pacing around the house and said “stop pacing around and do something — how about you make pizzas for tonight?” Sure, I can do that, I thought. So I jumped on the computer and went on over to the King Arthur Flour website where I always get my pizza dough recipe from. On their home page, they had these yummy looking cinnamon rolls and they totally distracted me from the pizza I was going to make. I clicked on the recipe and thought, “hey, this is pretty easy, I can make these.” So I did.

Along the way, I also got the itch to take some pictures of these tasty treats. A while ago, a buddy of mine asked if I have ever done food photography. Years ago I had done some, but nothing recent. This was the perfect opportunity to take a nice lazy day and fill it with project upon project. Not only would I end up with something tasty (assuming I didn’t botch the recipe), but I would also end up with some pictures for my portfolio (assuming I didn’t botch those up either). I don’t claim that they’re the best food pictures in the world, but they sure do make me hungry every time I look at them.

As a side note, I did also make the pizzas. It turns out that you have to wait a long time for the dough to rise for the cinnamon rolls, so I again found myself pacing around with nothing to do. Actually, what really happened is that I tried to take a nap on the couch while the dough was rising, but my boys wouldn’t let me. So, I decided that I should just make the pizza dough (with their help, of course). The best part about all this is that Vicki, who’s idea kicked off the whole fiasco, left to go watch that new Twilight movie. It actually felt good to have her go out, have fun, and then come back to a home full of the smells of baking for a change. Usually when she leaves, she comes back to a destroyed house and a bunch of rambunctious boys…

Anyway, enjoy the images!

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