Lauren and Louie, an engaged stroll down State Street

The other day I had the pleasure of taking a stroll down State Street with a happy young couple that are quite obviously in love with each other. I love photographing people who are so into each other — not only does it make my job easier, but it’s a breath of fresh air when two people can’t take their eyes off each other. If this photo session was any indication of things to come, their wedding is going to be a blast!

Rachel and Chris, an autumn engagement

Cool and cloudy, that was the weather of the day. Sad and gloomy, that was the mood of the morning as Chris and Rachel had to put their pet dog of 13 years to rest. It’s a sad day when a friend leaves you, and my heart goes out to them. My dog is nine years old and I can’t even begin to think about the day he leaves us.

Picking up the mood for our afternoon engagement session wasn’t easy, but Chris and Rachel toughed it out and came out with some great shots. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the pictures we captured.

Cory and Jessica, engaged

Cory and Jessica are all set to be married. They’ve got the ceremony and reception all planned out, they’ve got dresses and tuxes and all that shnazzy stuff, and now they’ve got some fun engagement pictures too! We took a stroll down State Street in Madison today and had a blast taking pictures. The great thing about State Street is that there are endless opportunities. We took advantage of some skateboarders and Cory and Jessica took a spin (or at least tried to!), and we almost took advantage of some jugglers, though they didn’t look like they had their juggling act down quite well enough for us to trust them with throwing bowling pins all over the place. No matter what it is, there is always something interesting going on on State Street.

Enjoy the show, and check out the full set of images on Flickr.








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