What to believe

It just happens that my first ever post on the topic of sports (this is of course, not a sports blog) happened to be about Floyd Landis’s miraculous Stage 17 win in the Tour de France on his way to the overall victory.  After that stage win, I was very excited about Floyd’s performance and the chance to see another American win the Tour de France.  I just loved the determination in his response to the media’s questions about the stage win.
Of course, anybody who has paid any attention to the sports world in the past few weeks has heard that Floyd has been found to have doped during that stage, and could potentially lose the title.

I can’t say as I’m bummed about my post as much as I am about Floyd’s extreme persistance that he is innocent.  If he is in fact innocent, then he deserves his chance to prove it.  But if he is guilty, then I am more disgusted and disappointed than I can describe with words.  If he is guilty, and he knows if he is, then admit it and move on.  Don’t pull the public into this lie and give cycling another mark against it with this drama.

I very much want to believe him, but from past experience, I’m more than a little skeptical.

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