Cassie and Todd, a glimpse into their wedding

Cassie and Todd got married last weekend at the Knollwood Country Club in Lake Forest, Illinois. Vicki and I were lucky enough to have been the photographers for their fun-filled day. Cassie and Todd are one hell of a couple — the one thing that really struck me about them was just how much they look at each other. They don’t just glance at each other, they really look at each other with a kind of twinkle in their eyes that makes you know that they truly love each other.

On top of being a great couple, they also know how to throw a kick-ass party! The dance floor was packed nearly all night long and a vast majority of guests stuck around to close things down.

You can see the full set of 28 pictures on my Flickr page.  And don’t be shy about adding comments below, I love to hear feedback about my photography.

a view from the heavens


This little guy knows how to strut his stuff.
the man


Does anybody know how to fold a handkerchief?  Youtube does!

Todd is a smooth operator on the golf course, even while wearing a tux.
putt putt putt

Cassie and Todd never stopped looking at each other, not even while they were walking.
walk with me

I love this shot of Cassie and her dad coming in for the ceremony.

first look

Have you ever tried to light a unity candle at an outdoor wedding?  Well, it ain’t easy.  Luckily, the flame is merely symbolic of their love and not a requirement of continuing on with the wedding.

she looks

looking at love


Mr. and Mrs.

lover's glance

Swinging with a helping hand.  Pay no attention to the fact that there is no golf ball, I have a feeling that the goal here was not to actually hit a golf ball…

love in the eye

My favorite part of the reception is father/daughter, mother/son, and first dance.  I love seeing the couple dance together for the first time and then dance with their respective parent.
a father's love

proud mother


One of the guests, Nikolai, was a 10 year old boy who was really interested in photography. After I had my pictures done for the night, I let him wander around with my extra camera snapping candids. I love how open people are when a kid has a camera.  This is my favorite image that he took.


One thought on “Cassie and Todd, a glimpse into their wedding”

  1. Josh,
    New favorite is the one with the little girl on the green grass! Well done!

    We are still looking through our photos and loving every second. Thanks so much for a job well done 🙂


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