Making the tough decision

Stop sign by lgbsneakOne of my wedding clients just canceled their wedding that is only 3 weeks away.  At first, this seems pretty bad — think of all the guests, reservations, bookings, and money that has been spent planning this wedding — worse yet, what will people think of them!

It turns out that during the planning of this wedding they realized that they had to deal with some issues — some really tough issues (and not just details of planning the wedding).  They could have just glossed over those issues and carried on with the wedding (putting on a façade for all of their friends and family), but what would have happened 2 months after the wedding?  Would these issues resurface in a bigger and uglier form?  Would they end up in divorce?  Worse yet, what would have happened if they glossed over those issues until after they had children?

This couple made a very tough decision, and it is the right decision.  They needed more time to work things out before they make a life-long commitment to each other and to God. They were able to face up to the fact that they needed more time, and I applaud them for that.  If more people had the courage to do what they did, we would see a much lower divorce rate and much stronger families.

This couple is still dating, and while they have no plans of marriage at this time, I would wager that if the time comes, they will be more ready than the average couple and I hope to be a part of that very special day.

(photograph by lgbsneak)

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