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A new look for 2009

The new website has arrived and it looks fabulous!  Kudos to Vicki for a fresh new look. I had three goals with this redesign: Pictures pictures pictures.  The first thing that potential customers want to see is pictures, therefore I have put the gallery slideshow right on the home page. Logical menu options.  My main menu has gone from… Read more →

Website redesign

I just launched my newly designed photography website and I’d have to say that I’m exceptionally excited about this. The old site was starting to show it’s age and I really wanted to simplify things a bit. The new site has bigger images on every page, and a consolidated wedding photo slideshow. I really like the big images on each… Read more →

A new look

I just updated my blog with a new look and a new version of WordPress. Now that this site actually looks presentable, I feel like I’ll be more motivated to actually post on a regular basis. I have this weird quirk where I’m more motivated to work on something that I find visually stimulating than I am to work on… Read more →

NUMBER27 / The Work of Jonathan J. Harris I came across this site the other day and have to say that it has quite a few really good design ideas in it. The two items I find especially fascinating are 10×10 and Word Count. Both are attempts at putting large ammounts of data in a small space. Isn’t that what… Read more →